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Should you do have a Boudoir Photography session in North Carolina?

I recommend boudoir photography to everyone in North Carolina. Here’s the thing – I can’t tell you your why…but I can tell you mine.

Just like everyone else, I’ve had so many moments where I questioned my value as a human being. Just like so many of us, I compared myself to the popular girls and the women in magazines and I’ve done the unhealthy things to try and obtain the “picture perfect” body. I’ve tried to mold myself into someone else so that people would like me…and along the way…I lost exactly who I was.

It took courage, and some champagne, to book my own shoot six years ago. At the time, I was doing family portraiture and working on second shooting weddings with my husband. I was unhappy with where I was – mentally and emotionally. Just like my clients, I needed the experience. I needed the reminder that I am beautiful. I needed to confidence reminder that this totally amazing badass in the photos is enough. Are there things I want to improve about myself? Sure…but that doesn’t make me lesser than. I am a work in progress. I am beautiful in every season of life.

You are too.

Just like me, YOU deserve to be celebrated in a big way! YOU are the reason that I built my photography business around boudoir and beauty. YOU are the reason that I wake up in the morning – to help you reconnect with your power, your feminine side, your identity.

So book the shoot. Not a year from now. Not when you lose weight. Not when you think you’ll be a better version of yourself. Take the leap. You’ll love that you did.


Ali J


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