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Favorite lingerie stores in NC

Did you see it?? Jacksonville just got a new lingerie store and I am HERE FOR IT!

As a boudoir photographer, I am always on the hunt for new lingerie stores in NC.

If you have done a boudoir shoot with me, or know me at all, you know I love a good lingerie piece for the client closet!

You know how sometimes you just put something on, and you look in the mirror and it just fits perfectly, accentuates the curves, and makes you instantly feel AMAZING?!?! Lingerie can have that effect too. Pieces that are high quality, fit properly, and call attention to your *Ahem* assets can really lift your spirits – among other things.

So go check out Salt and Stone Lingerie on Yopp Blvd because it’s on of my favorite lingerie stores in NC! She’s got some lingerie pieces that you won’t find anywhere else in town and they are perfect for your boudoir shoot as

well as for everyday wear!

Go check them out in person or online!

Looking for a place to show off your new lingerie? Check out my boudoir experiences HERE.


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