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Four Barrel MUA Spotlight

We are so happy to introduce you to one of our fabulous makeup artists here at Four Barrel Photography!

We had the opportunity to sit down with Navada Fleming today and do some Q&A on the Makeup 411. Fleming, a Vegas native and Carolina resident has been with Four Barrel for quite some time now, and is available to book for any of the shoots in studio!

So tell us, Navada, what is your favorite brand of makeup?

A: "It’s hard to pick just one favorite brand of makeup, but I love NYX and Urban Decay. They go on very smoothly and last forever on just about any skin type."

Absolutely, I agree the lip liner from NYX is incredible! Moving on to the next question, what is your go-to look?

A: My go to look would have to be a natural glam with a pop of shine, it brightens anyone’s face up!

Love it! If someone isn't used to false lashes, what do you recommend for the shoot?

A: If someone isn't used to false lashes I would first recommend to curl the lashes before applying the mascara! That’ll help give them some volume and it won’t feel so heavy on someone that isn’t used to it.

Such a great tip, lashes can be a nerve-wrecking experience sometimes so all the help we can get! For the lips, how do you choose which color to use for your client?

A: Now for the lip color, not only does it depend on the skin tone, the eye color plays a big role as well! I feel like to make the best decision on which color to use, you want to match it similar to the eye look you are going for and also the outfit that is being worn. I love a good lipstick with a pop of gloss over it to give it some shine!

How long have you been in the industry, Navada? And, what is your favorite part?

A: I grew up in Las Vegas Nevada cosmetology school until I was 16, then ended up moving to North Carolina and finished my cosmetology license by the age of 18. I cannot see myself doing anything else. There’s so much to love, what stands out the most is being able to increase client satisfaction, loyalty and watching your client transform. Seeing their self confidence skyrocket at the end of the services. I’m in the beauty industry to live for these moments. Being a make up artist & hairstylist is about so much more than cutting, coloring clients hair & applying makeup. We share some of the most special moments with our clients. We provide services and memories for wedding days, prom nights, or just a night out with friends or loved ones.

Yes, and we can tell how much your clients love you- their confidence shines through the camera!

Contact us today to schedule your shoot with Navada as your makeup artist!

And make sure to follow her on instagram!

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The Girl Behind the Barrel- Ali J

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