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Four Barrel Photography Boudoir Jacksonville NC
Four Barrel Photography Boudoir
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Our mission was to help every woman feel comfortable in their own skin while renewing confidence & empowering them to be who they are. 

Just as fine whiskies have a brand range of styles, each woman has her own unique blend of tasting notes that is meant to be sipped, savored & appreciated.

Whether you are light, full-bodied, a bit fruity, or surprisingly spicy, our specialty is bottling your uniqueness & sharing it with the one who needs it most...YOU.



Hey, Gorgeous! I'm Ali J, the girl behind the Barrel. I’m a lover of animals, fine whiskies, coffee & capturing stunning images. 


Four Barrel Photography was created after my own boudoir shoot 5 years ago. I was at my lowest point. I had been behind the camera for years, but never in front of it. I was overweight & depressed...I needed to feel beautiful.


I signed up for a shoot & it was the first time in years that I felt feminine & powerful. That feeling was amplified when I saw my photos &  I wanted to give that feeling to every single one  of my female friends & colleagues. 

I can't wait for you to see just how beautiful & amazing you truly are! Let's shoot!


WHAT            BABES SAY


"Frst off I wanna thank Ali for giving me this amazing oppurtunity! now, being a big is never easy because sometimes you just dont feel sexy. well ali made me feel like the sexiest plus size chick out there. she was so fun and easy to be comfortable around. i never once felt uncomfortable around her and we laughed and joked and i even got to be a guinea pig with a shot she wanted to see and it turned out to be my favorite! she is amazing and professional and i felt like i knew her my whole life. from start to finish everything went perfect and i will certainly be going back for more. thank you Ali! much love 💛 "  - Laken Marie Cole

"I was so nervous doing this photoshoot, but Ali made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. And after this amazing experience I dont think I could ever look down on myself again. this was so much more than I could have imagined." - Brittany Sharay

"Ali is AMAZING! She made me feel super comfortable. I'm not a small girl I have extra rolls but she made me look amazing. poitioning me in ways to disguise the areas I dislike the most. my photos are awesome! and my new husband LOVES LOVES them! Thank you Ali!!!!"

- Andrea Sutherlin

"Highly recommend Four Barrel Photography! No matter what style you’re going for, Alice was versatile and made me feel SO comfortable and confident in her adorable studio. She had an amazing client closet to chose from and kept me smiling the whole shoot. She put me in all the right angles and cues to get the best shots. Very professional." -Melayna Heller 


Our private group of amazing ladies is the perfect place for all things boudoir.

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